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Vital's Journey Toward Greater Sustainability This Earth Day

As we celebrate Earth Day this year, Vital is proud to reflect on our sustainability journey and the strides we've made in harmonising our operations with the planet's health. At Vital, our commitment goes beyond wellness products; it extends to a profound responsibility for our environment.


Understanding Our Environmental Footprint

Despite our best efforts, the journey towards complete sustainability is complex and challenging. Acknowledging that we are on a path of continuous improvement, we strive to address the significant environmental issues that stem from business practices, particularly in plastic use and livestock farming.


The Plastic Dilemma

Globally, production of plastic has surpassed 380 million tonnes annually, a substantial portion of which ends up in our oceans, contributing to the environmental crisis. At the end of this decade, it’s estimated that there will be more plastic than fish in our oceans. By switching to 100% recycled packaging, Vital aims to combat this issue directly. Initiatives like these are crucial, as research suggests that without significant changes, there could be more plastic by weight than fish in the oceans by 2050.


Our Pledge for a Healthier World

At the core of Vital’s mission is a promise to reduce our environmental impact, from sourcing to shipping. While we know we're not perfect, we are committed to making meaningful progress, even as we face the challenges of altering established practices within our industry. Our approach is rooted in transparency about our current limitations and a persistent effort to innovate and enhance our sustainability.


Substantial Steps Toward Sustainability:

Recycled and Renewable

In 2020, we proudly transitioned to 100% recycled packaging across our range, significantly reducing our plastic usage. We also invested in renewable energy by installing solar panels at our Melbourne headquarters, advancing towards our goal of carbon neutrality.


Plant-Based ProgressΒ 

Recognising the environmental impact of traditional agriculture, our products are crafted using sustainable, plant-based ingredients. This shift not only supports healthier ecosystems but also promotes biodiversity through our partnerships with farmers who prioritise sustainable practices.


Innovations in Carbon Neutral Shipping

Aware of the carbon footprint associated with online shopping, we’ve implemented carbon-neutral shipping to mitigate the environmental impact of our e-commerce activities. This initiative involves calculating shipping emissions for each order and supporting scientifically vetted carbon removal projects to offset these emissions. Our efforts have already contributed to the removal of thousands of tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere.

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Together, with each small change, we can make a significant difference in protecting and preserving our planet for future generations.


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