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Antioxidants are chemicals in the body which help to fight free radicals. Free radicals are by-products of a chemical reaction in the body which can damage cells and lead to diseases such as cancer. Antioxidants are important for optimum health and benefit the body in several different ways.

  • Boost the body’s natural defences

Free radicals, which are formed by the body in response to many factors, including smoking, and exposure to smoke and pollution, pose a threat to cells and tissues if left unchallenged. While the body does produce enzymes to keep free radicals in check, antioxidants are more effective in neutralising the danger they pose, as well as boosting the body’s natural defences.

  • Reducing heart disease and cancer

Consuming antioxidants can help to reduce the chances of developing heart disease and cancer. Antioxidants protect healthy cells in the body while halting the growth of malignant or cancerous cells. They also forestall the oxidation of fat, and as a result, curb the inflammation that plays a part in the development of heart disease.

  • Protects against mental degeneration caused by ageing

Antioxidants such as vitamins E and C have been known to slow, and even reverse, the brain’s deterioration as we age.

  • Inhibits neurological diseases and mood disorders

Research indicates a connection between free radicals and the development of anxiety, depression and neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s. Antioxidants prevent neuroinflammation caused by free radical damage, which is regarded as a key influencer in the development of such conditions. Studies have also shown that antioxidants have a positive role in relieving the symptoms linked to anxiety and depression.

  • Slows down the ageing process

By nullifying the effects of free radicals, antioxidants offer protection from the damage free radicals do to our internal organs and appearance. Antioxidants reduce the appearance of wrinkles and help maintain a more youthful appearance.

We get antioxidants from the food we eat – or we should do. Because many modern diets lack adequate nutritional value, nutritional supplements have become increasingly important in generating the antioxidants you need for optimum health. AnΒ antioxidant powderΒ likeΒ Vital All In OneΒ offers the perfect blend of essential nutrients, which includes probiotics, vitamins and minerals, as well as essential fatty acids. Discover moreΒ daily health supplementsΒ from Vital Everyday.


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